HBR Quick Fire Questions – November

We caught up with Hassan on his travels to grab some answers to our Quick Fire Questionnaire. We thought this a good way to keep informed as he doesn’t seem to stay still for long. In fact he did this on the road… or on his latest Space travels!

1. What have been listening to this month?

A lot of instrumental stuff so that I have space for words as I’m writing a lot these days.
Songs in the frequency of 432Hz ‘the miracle’ tone. That opens up my mind and helps me be clear to write

2. What countries have you visited this month

Bahrain – Dubai – Bahrain – Dubai – Bahrain – Dubai. Every week!! Not complaining, just saying, lots of Bahrain and Dubai.

3. What are your music plans for 2018

Get the band on stage.

I have enough material for a new album. But I don’t want to go to the studio.
I’d rather play the tunes with the guys and work on the songs in a rehearsal room. Do a few gigs over summer in London and Dubai in winter.
And jump in the studio when the time is right.

4. What is your favourite item of clothing?


5. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? And why

Stones. Harder.
I’m not smart enough to appreciate the Beatles. Maybe when I get a bit older.

6. Name your all time favourite track that You have written and recorded

The song is about a coming revolution that we let happen without doing anything about it. Could be an internal or external revolution. Everyone goes through an internal revolution before they decide to change/better themselves. Which then becomes and external revolution.

That song changed my life. I also know that it changed other people’s lives and that really really affected me. It made me realize the power of music all over again. I no longer take music for granted which I did do for a long time.

I’ve went back to those roots as I was writing the new material.

7. Favourite Meal you have eaten recently and where?

My one year old son and I shared a bowl of fruits watching the sun set on the beach.
It turned into one big food mess. Fun!!! We stained the white towel purple and red and laughed our butts off.
Classic moment.

8. If you could take one thing with you on a trip to Mars, what would it be and why?

My wife. Wouldn’t make it that far without her!

9. Favourite Album cover artwork ever?

Pearl Jam – Vs

10. When will you be releasing your next piece of music?

Probably an EP or LP next year. Or maybe just a single on Spotify. The kids are into that these days. And I’m still a kid 🙂

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness 🙂
Ciao, HBR