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I’ve been in hibernation for quite some time for many different reasons. In that time I’ve managed to play some acoustic guitar at home while being influenced by wherever I was living on the planet at that particular moment.

I spent most of last year in New Zealand with my family and like almost everyone, I had an incredibly challenging 2021. Although challenging, the silver lining or linings shall I say, were the many moments that I had with the family living in our beach house in Narrow Neck. Some days it seemed like the whole world was falling but we knew we had each other to count on. That was a deeply uplifting feeling.

Those moments ignited powerful feelings in me and inspired me to keep picking up my guitar everyday whenever I had a moment to spare to tap into that energy.

I now find myself in a place where I’ve got tons of music. Old songs that I’m playing in a new way and new songs that are fresh and begging to be played live.

I’ve started a series of iPhone jams that I’m posting. Some of these posts are strait up demos for going into the band (all the YouTube links are on this site).

I’m one small step from going to the studio and laying some tracks down for a new record. I know so many people that I want to take to the studio with me but I have a feeling that I might hook up with a certain local Bahraini band and see what happens in the studio. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

So without getting into any details I’m hoping that 2022 will be the busiest year playing, recording, and releasing music in a long long time. I can’t wait to share some new music and play some live shows for some good people.

Sending out lots of positive energy and please send some my way so that I’m an find my way back to the studio and stage sometime soon.

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Hassan Bin Rashid - HBR

Hassan Bin Rashid – HBR

Musician on the move – the Bahraini hippie living in New Zealand – playing and posting when I can 🎧

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Hassan Bin Rashid - HBR
Mmmmmmmm, @taylorguitars 😎 #twins #gettingready #oldschool #musicstudio #2seassessions #bahrainband #likeforlikes #photooftheday #picoftheday #guitar #acoustic #acousticjam #davemathewsband #hassanbinrashid #teambahrain #bahrain#bahrainart #pearljam #iphonejam#livingroomjam#lyrics #lyricsoftheday#thepalmdubai #chriscornell See MoreSee Less
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Hassan Bin Rashid - HBR
#birthdayvibes 🥳 Another home run from the amazing @joanneglobal – thanks hun ❤️😎 @taylorguitars #happybirthday #birthday #picoftheday #photooftheday #guitars #guitarporn See MoreSee Less
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Hassan Bin Rashid - HBR
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HBR Hassan bin Rashid ‘Skin Deep’ #iphonejam #fresh version of this tune, getting ready for the studio later this year – check out the playlist ‘Album Mode 2022’ on my YouTube channel – I’ve chosen 7 songs to take to the studio once dates are all booked 🎧 #gettingready #oldschool #musicstudio #2seassessions #majaz #bahrainband #likeforlikes #photooftheday #picoftheday #guitar #acoustic #acousticjam #davemathewsband #hassanbinrashid #teambahrain #bahrain#bahrainart #pearljam #iphonejam#livingroomjam#lyrics #lyricsoftheday#thepalmdubai See MoreSee Less
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