To round up the year we caught up with Hassan again. We dug a little deeper into what make Hassan tick musically and what lies ahead for HBR

1. What has been your most memorable moment of the last year?

Hearing my son say Baba

2. How do you balance your music with other obligations – Spouse, Children, Job?

I stopped performing and writing for 7 years to focus on family, business, and show jumping.
At one point with touring and writing new albums my life became very linear and I needed to go out and do different things. The lifestyle got to me and I basically couldn’t handle it.
Now that I went out and experienced other things I am ready to dive back into music.
Plus my approach to music is now enjoyment. If I’m not enjoying it then I don’t want to do it.

3. How often and for how long do you practice?

Not enough. It’s one of my new year resolutions.

4. What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

We were not a very musical family. Lots of art but not much music. I kind of picked it up on my own.

My first clear memory of grooving and liking a tune is listening to Men at Works ‘Down Under’ in the back of my moms car. That song always takes me back.

Fondest music memories are every Pearl Jam concert. I recently went to see Eddie Veddder at the Apollo in London. Classic!!!

And of course every single Beanstalk gig as a roadie. Those were the happiest and most magical days ever!!

5. What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Learning to sing every song on Ten by Pearl Jam.

6. What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

Pearl Jam and what they are all about. I love rock n roll, thats the genre I’m in. Sometimes with electric guitars and sometimes with acoustic guitars.

7. What made you realize that music was your path?

The therapeutic effect it had on me. I started writing in 1997 and haven’t stopped. I’ve tried to stop but writing lyrics and melodies comes to me naturally.

Once I understood the process of idea, demo, recording, and then live performance I got hooked.

Ideas come for free. U can have as many as u want and it costs u nothing.

8. How has your music evolved since you first began playing?

Generally I think my music has mellowed out. I’m not as angry at the world as I used to be. Although the world is a much crazier place than when I was growing up I can view it and write about it from a much more mature and reflective place.

9. Could you briefly describe Your music-making / song-writing process?

I randomly hear lyrics and a melody. If I like what I hear I lay it down on my phone. Every few weeks I take those recordings and develop the ideas into songs. If the idea develops quickly then I keep it. If it begins to stall I ditch it quickly and move on to other ideas.

Once I have a few full songs I open Logic. Get a drum beat and lay down my vocals dry.

I then play something over it or I send it to my long time friend and music collaborator Charlie Casey who helps me develop the tune musically.

Once the demos are done we get the band in a room and start playing and getting the songs ready for the stage or the studio.

10. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on Tour?

What happens on tour stays on tour 😉

11. Given that we are about to enter a New Year, what hopes do you have for 2018 and why?

Musically: I want to release an EP and do a few shows in Europe, Dubai, and Bahrain.

Life in general: I just want to be happy and not let anything stress me out, it’s not worth it. Life is too short so just be happy and enjoy it.

Wishing you all Blessing and Peace in this New Year!
Ciao, HBR

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