We All need a little Love from time to time!

Hey there everybody! Just wanted to take this opportunity send out some Love to the online community out there, We all need some love from time to time!

Now as you may be aware we have been (and will continue to) giving the Album away free with a view to you lovely people donating to charity in return. This has been amazing and we are really thankful to al of those who have responded to our request. Amazing!

So far we have managed to raise overall: £4812 / $6960
$885 (approx £610) – Water Charity
£4,202 – Just giving various causes

This has been spread over a few charitable causes and we will continue to do so. It is such a great thing to be able to do and we are choosing Charities that we A) believe in and feel need some help on their mission & B) trust to ensure the money raised ends up where it was intended by the giver.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.00.18Most recently for the last three charities we have been using Just Giving as the vessel in which to donate and we would really appreciate you sharing any posts we have with your family & friends so we can spread some of this love as far as we can. We have taken a screen shot of the totals so far – We will continue to use Just Giving as there are many good causes to raise for and we can share our totals with you all.

So with all that said – we are going to carry on with our quest and the next charity we have chosen is: Operation Smile UAE please feel free to join us and help some of those people out there in this wonderful world who need a little help on their journey.

The Album is still totally free to download and we look forwards to hearing back from people over the social media networks!

Keep Rocking Dudes