HBR New Album Update / Live Gigs

After writing the five new demos. I felt that it was time to get back on stage before recording a new album. Other than a few gigs here and there, It’s been eight years since I’ve done a proper tour. So I’ve been working on a live set and will update as things develop.

I have started rewriting songs from four albums and getting them ready for stage. Will be aiming to perform the songs in the same vibe as the 2Seas Acoustic Sessions I did with Jamie Moses, Danny, Melvin, and Hamish.

The journey of music has been a very interesting, uplifting, and healing process for me. I hope this will be another interesting chapter to the HBR story.

As this new journey begins, I find myself traveling to South London once a week. Here are some shots I took of some graffiti I pass on the way to the studio with Jamie Moses.

In slow motion 🙃